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Shorties 30: Putting the Carrot Before the Donkey

* * * * * * *

Maes smiled at the gentleman (if he could be called so) in front of him. "I am sorry for all the trouble, Mr. Hohenheim," he said, inwardly congratulating himself for being able to talk to the man without showing any sign of nausea. "But most of our witnesses testified that you are somehow involved in this case, so we have no choice but to require your statement."

"It's fine, Inspector Hughes." Theopratus von Hohenheim, or more known as Envy to the crime world of Amestris, gave Maes an indulgent smile. "You are just doing your job."

"Thank you. This won't take long." Not.

Maes opened his notebook, preparing himself for a long interrogation. Giving the clock on the wall, he almost gave out a resigned sigh. It was almost seven. Damn the slimy bastard for coming to the station late. Now he would have to miss dinner with his family. "So," he started, the end of his pen ready to jot down on the notebook. "Would you please tell us where you were at the eve of June the 21st?"

"I am at the opera house, watching a play with my mother," Envy answered, his pose was completely relaxed. "I have witnesses."

"Yes, I have heard. You have witnesses from quite some influential crowd too," Hughes wrily noted.

Envy just wiggled his eyebrow at him smugly.

Leaning forward, Hughes tried to . "Am I right to assume that you know a doctor Tim Marcoh?"

"Ah, yes, Doctor Marcoh." Envy smiled pleasantly. "He was a very intelligent scientist, wasn't he?"

"Yes, he was." Maes leaned even further. "But how did you know that he died?"

Envy raised an eyebrow.

"Despite his genius, Doctor Marcoh was a very private person. We have not announced his death to the media."

"Now did you," Envy leaned back against the chair. "Then that means our informants are very much faster than the media, don't you think?"

Inside informant, you mean, Maes nearly growled, but smiled instead. "Indeed."

"Who are these witnesses anyway?" Envy asked casually. "I certainly hope they aren't enemies who want to make me look bad."

"Oh, no, I can assure you that they are perfectly well-meaning citizens." And hopefully you won't kill them too soon.

"I see," Envy nodded, then he leaned forward, smirking. "Please do continue with the interrogation, Inspector."

* * *

Just as Maes predicted, it might as well that he hadn't invited Envy to the police station at all. The bastard was far from elusive; he was frank, to the point, and completely honest in answering his questions. However, Maes knew enough to realize that telling the truth did not necessarily mean that Envy was telling him everything.

Unfortunately, no matter how Hughes looked for a chance to catch an opening in Envy's words, the change never presented its self. Maes ended up having to finish the six hours interrogation and escorted the slick man to the front.

"I'm sorry for not being able to help you, Inspector," the man said smoothly.

Hughes glared at him, as his patience was nearing its limit, but he replied as sweetly. "No problem at all, Mr. Hohenheim. I'm sure we'll meet again soon."

"Of course." Envy smirked again at him (oh how he wanted to rip that smirk off badly). "Oh, by the way, it just occurs to my mind that my brother might know something about the case."

Maes nearly snorted. "I wasn't aware that you have a brother, Mr. Hohenheim."

"Oh really? That is funny, because the last time I remember, a friend of mine mentioned that you were quit close to him, even back from when you were stationed at the East City."

"I don't know if I have any mafia thug as a friend, Mr. Hohenheim."

"Really? I wonder if Edward was just being shy and forget to mention that to you."

Maes stopped dead in his track.

Envy was still smirking at him.

Taking a shallow breath, Maes grinned forcefully. "I don't recall any Edward von Hohenheim."

"Of course. He only got the name lately." Envy shrugged, looking exasperated. "It's a shame, really. If only he had been born from my mother's womb instead of some lowly peasant girl from Rizembool, she would have loved to have him around."

From Rizembool... Edward....

Edward, this is Officer Hughes. Give him you hand.

Ah, his father? I can tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

Edward will have more hardship in the future once I'm gone, but he will be fine. I believe in him.

Maes, Roy, please help my Edward.

Envy gave him a salute and walked toward the waiting car, but Maes ignored him. He just stayed where he was and wondered if Roy was right and Fate really was unnecessarily cruel.

* * * * * * *
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